Coding Grace Intro to HTML and CSS workshop complete

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Our third workshop complete and everyone had a day learning about HTML and CSS. A 4-hour session at a nice pace suited both instructors and the people attending the workshop.

HTML5 and CSS3 Beginner's workshop complete.Starting on time, after a brief introduction and with most people who were set up prior to the workshop, we had enough mentors to go around help anyone who had problems.

With knowledge of basic HTML5 from a well-paced Lesson 1 by Caitriona Dwyer, we showed the source of the very first webpage by Tim Berners-Lee, and it's a 1992 copy of it, and so far is the oldest copy after our break. 

Onto Lesson 2 (Caitriona), which is introduction to CSS3, this is where people's sample webpage starts to look interesting. Mentors milling around helping and answering questions, it was a hive of activity and before we knew it was time for lunch.

A short lunch break (thanks to everyone who tried to help clear the pastries), we delved into a little bit more about CSS3 given by Stephanie Francis. The last and final exercise was again, a total free reign on trying out all the various properties with the help of the cheatsheet.

Thanks to everyone that came along on Saturday morning for 9AM, given for those who used public transport were at the mercy of Dublin Bus and DARTs that early on a weekend, we all made it in.

Again, thanks to Caitriona and Stephanie for doing up the slides, cheatsheets and exercises. Thanks to the Alan, Ursula, Mick for helping out on the day.

A big thanks to Web Summit for hosting our event.


An proof... here's our mug shot after the workshop. :-D

Coding Grace 3 - HTML and CSS

We have a Flickr group for Coding Grace, so if you are on Flickr and want to share your photos with us, feel free to add to the the pool.

One final thing, there has been enquiries about more HTML & CSS workshops, so keep the requests coming so I know how many are interested. We certainly have instructors to help out.

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