What a month

July was a whirlwind, participating at Inspirefest's Fringe Festival, the family-friendly coding session and GameCraft UnPlugged went down a treat. And being with fellow Pythonistas at EuroPython was a blast.

EuroPython was a blast, I haven't been in a few years, and it was great to meet new and old faces, and enjoyed the education track a lot, jaw dropped from Jameson about his research project on something called the gravitational waves. πŸ˜‰

And I even did a sticker swap with the awesome Lynn Root at EuroPython.

Met PyLadies at an impromptu PyLadies lunch myself and Lynn hastily organised and defended with all our might the chairs from the masses eyeing for free chairs.

And I even got a free Microbit, which is fantastic, thanks to BBC and Nicholas, who is demonstrating a robot with the microbit walking (which incidentally won the tweet of the day at EuroPython, no prize).

And that's me with the free Microbit (pic by Mick Twomey), and see, I'm wearing my Python Ireland t-shirt.

Free MicroBit (EuroPython 2016)

If you are curious about the talks from EuroPython this year, they have been uploading their videos of the talks at europython.tv.

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Vicky Twomey-Lee

Pythonista, but normally found organising various tech events, and now heavily involved in diversity initiatives like Coding Grace, PyLadies Dublin, and Women in Technology and Science (WITS Ireland).
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