Announcement - Exciting news about Coding Grace

I am happy to announce Coding Grace Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation.

Our goal is to make it sustainable in order for us to keep providing affordable and inclusive workshops as well as growing and facilitating other Coding Grace clubs across the nation (and further afield). We are still focussed on providing female-friendly coding workshops.

I would like to welcome on board the following as directors and thank them for their support:

I will remain as a member of Coding Grace Foundation looking after day-to-day operations & logistics as well as growing Coding Grace.

There are so many thank you's to everyone who have supported, mentored, run workshops and partnered with Coding Grace to date, and I am looking forward to running many more exciting workshops in the coming future. If you are interested in helping, do drop us, you can register your interested via this form.

Any questions, please email, or leave a comment below.

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