A big thanks to Kats Conf and everyone involved

Related event: Kats Conf 2 (Sat 18 Feb 2017)

A wee update to say thank you again to Kats Conf and everyone involved in bringing such a great conference to the community. The support of Caroline and Aoife from Workday has been amazing for hosting our Allyship workshop.

The big thing I want to say out loud is the amazing contribution from Kats Conf, around EUR3000 has been donated to Coding Grace, and we can’t say how much we appreciate it.

This will contribute to:-

  • Run more workshops.
  • Support other Coding Grace chapters, we have one in Limerick and Wexford now.
  • Pay for our accountant.
  • Maybe get more stickers and buttons to spread word of Coding Grace far and wide. 😸

There are a few ways of getting involved with us:-

  • Starting a chapter in your local area
  • Idea to run a workshop
  • Mentor - register your interest here
  • Sponsoring and/or hosting our workshops

If you are interested, you can email us via contact@codinggrace.com.

Don't forget to check out Functional Kubs on their upcoming Kata evenings, whom some were organisers of Kats Conf 2 this year.


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