Dublin PiJam taking part in Big Birthday Weekend (Mar 2)

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Coding Grace is delighted to be partnering to be part of Dublin PiJam which is part of Raspberry Pi's Big Birthday Weekend, this is our third PiJam and will be kindly hosted by TOG again, a huge thanks to Jeffrey and Nadja for helping us organise the space. To my ever so awesome partner in crime, Mick

I'm also shouting out to the following supporters for their continued support:

  • Symantec for the Pi-Tops they contributed to Coding Grace for events they are involved in
  • All the Tech Things, also for the Pi-Top they contributed to Coding Grace.
  • RS Ireland for all the swag and prizes
  • (I've one more to announce soon, so watch this space)

Here's a sneak peek of some swag we got from RS Ireland

❤️ From RS Ireland to TOG to appreciate them hosting our PiJam

🏆 Prizes for raffling on the day, so make sure you are there in person to claim the prize if you are a winner

🙌 Moar frees swag

We also have discount leaflets from the last jams, Alistair said that they are still valid, so drop by and grab a leaflet so you can get a discount for your electronicy goodies. 😊

We still have tickets, the event is for 18s and over, and this is not a workshop.

The official Dublin PiJam page (you will also find the tickets and Code of Conduct here as well): https://dublin-pi-jam.github.io/index.html

Come join us as we celebrate Raspberry Pi's 7th birthday with other jams held in the same weekend around the world.

We are also on Twitter, so share your thoughts, projects, etc. to @Dublinraspjam

Finally if you have any questions, you can email pijam@eventgeek.ie


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