Git Workshop with Github Write-up

Related event: Introduction to Git (Mon 14 Apr 2014)

After everyone settled down (a few got a wee bit lost finding the venue, but got here safe and sound). One thing I noticed that maybe there would be a need to run another basic command line workshop. For those interested, I ran one recently and here's the write-up about it.

The mentors went around helping with people having problems with machines or the just general Git queries, but mostly everyone followed the workshop.

After a short break, we start to get even more interactive with the hellogitworld repository from

All in all, it was a fun and interesting experience. It was a first of many for participants, mentors and myself in collaborating with a trainer virtually.

The GitHub Workbook:

GitHub GUI

Links of interest:

Big thanks to Ursula, BariĊĦa, Artur and Goran for helping out, for hosting and Github for providing the virtual training session and food.

And finally, a big thanks to those who came along and learnt about Git.


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