Great start to Python workshop this evening

Related event: Python for Beginners (Sat 11 May 2013)

This evening flew even though we wrapped up just before 21:00. The atmostphere was quite relaxed, we have an informal introduction of everyone (which I'm sure most people remembered each other names, right?!), I gave a quick introduction about Coding Grace and how it came to be. A few comments on why people came along which ranged from curiosity to bringing back knowledge to their own classes that they mentor (no pressure, heehee).

A few things that I found on my browser tabs after I got home:-

There's one thing that needs to be updated for those who haven't set up their laptops, is the order of dependencies during setup.


Once installed, do the following in the interactive Python shell in your terminal/console:-

Type "python"

>>> import httplib2⏎
>>> import simplejson⏎
>>> import twitter⏎
>>> import oauth2⏎

Over all it was a successful evening. There wasn't much complaints about the notes, but they still need adjust.

I've also storyified the day's experience by some folks, there wasn't many tweets which is a good sign that people were working hard this evening. :-)

Now it's a 9am start tomorrow. I just have to remember to pack the rest of the print outs, Barry's tea, instant coffee, sugar, teaspoons and milk.

Now to get on and busily print out the rest of the handouts, and not melt our laser printer. :-D


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