Happy Birthday, Grace Hopper!

As most people have seen today if they opened Google search page, you are presented with a Google Doodle celebrating Rear Admiral Grace Hopper birthday today. If she was alive, she would be 107 today.

If you haven't see the Google Doodle, here's the image, or just head to google.ie.


The December 9th 2013 Google Doodle Honours Grace Hopper’s 107th Birthday. Image from Google.

I didn't realise she was on the David Letterman show until I saw it via many news sites about today's Google Doodle. Check it out!

It was also nice of Silicon Republic giving us a wee shout as well in their article today.

It's fantastic seeing Grace Hopper honoured in so many news and tech sites, and remembered in such a nice way (thanks, Google). 

Happy Birthday from all of us, and we are glad we have you as our role model.


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