Having fun with R

Related event: Introduction to R Workshop (Feb 2014) (Sat 15 Feb 2014)

I (Vicky) joined in with the R workshop with Rachael at the helm showing how much cool stuff we can do with R.

Aside from a little WiFi #fail, we went for the lower tech way of sharing workshop files via a USB stick (courtesy of Andrea, thankies for that!). NOTE: WiFi did stay up a wee bit in the end.

I found RStudio delightful to use, and I can see why Rachael chose it, simple, everything you need, execute your scripts and more. Great for beginners.

We had some guests showing the group how ggplot2 works (thanks, Kevin of Dublin R Meetup), and Tríona showing us how much fun she had with ggplot2 graphing how much she tweets with R as well as showing how she uses it for her PhD research project. By the way, if you do like baking, check out her site, Science is Delicious. As Tríona said that “Life is too short!” and I agree. And lots of great tools were mentioned like Python, LaTex for beautiful documentation.

I wrote up some notes somewhere after part 2 of the workshop, if you downloaded the workshop files, it is called vickynotes.R.

Here are some upcoming events:

A big thanks to everyone who came along, I hope you had fun learning R, our mentor, Rachael. Our other mentor, Raja. Our awesome guests, Kevin and Tríona showing us ggplot2.

I would also like to thank Pulse College for hosting our workshop.

Here are some storified moments from the day of the workshop:


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