Intro to HTML5/CSS3 at /GLITCH (RUA RED) Write-up

Related event: Introduction to HTML5/CSS3 at GLITCH (Sat 28 Jun 2014)

Our day began with projector hunting and trying o get the projector to work. You always have one technical setback at a tech workshop. Once we got it working, Vicky welcomed everyone and went through a few slides about what Coding Grace is about. And of course where Coding Grace's name came from, our role model, Grace Hopper. Here's a video of her explaining the nanosecond, if you want to watch it again or share with others:

Christina then went through the first two lessons (HTML5 followed by CSS3) along with a live demo followed by everyone going through the freeform exercises.

I have to mention that the facilities at RUA RED are fantastic. The Green Room where we went for our lunch break was bright and airy and they had a full kitchenette for us to use. Sandwiches and goodies platter were provided by Sweet Cicely.

Following the break, Vicky went through the final lesson on more about CSS with a live demo. This is proceeded by the final freeform exercise.

A few things to note from the session:

A big thank you to everyone who came along to the workshop. To our mentors who helped out on the day: Christina Lynch of Ireland Girl Geek Dinners, Ellen Burke and Mick Twomey.

Again, a big thanks to Nora O'MhurcĂș (organiser of the /GLITCH festival) for inviting us out to RUA RED to run the beginners HTML5/CSS3 workshop.

We do have the following upcoming workshops:

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And finally I've also storyfied the day:


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