Jingle bells, newsletter's out!

Ok, that didn't really rhyme, but the December edition of Coding Grace's newsletter is out.

We do have one more workshop before the year is out, if you remember the choose your own adventure game books, well, here's your chance to create some interactive fiction with Twine at our workshop mentored by the awesome Charlene Putney on Wed 17th December (18:30 - 21:00) @ Adverts.ie.

There's plenty of holiday cheer to go around with end of year/Christmas events from many meetup groups around Ireland, I've got a few to highlight (and they are all FREE to attend):

You can find the rest of the list in the newsletter. If I missed out any, let me know, or just pop them in the comments below.

I would like to thank everyone for attending, supporting and helping me and Coding Grace this past year. It has been fantastic and there's plenty more to come in 2015.


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