July Newsletter and update on events around the country

Coding Grace July Newsletter

July Newsletter is out

Mid-way through summer, weather is changeable but don't let that stop you going to lots of great events. :-D

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Some upcoming Call for Participation/Proposal

PyLadies Dublin

Interested in sharing what you do with Python in a short talk at one of our monthly PyLadies Dublin meetup?

AlterConf Dublin

Úll Conference

PyCon Ireland

Still unsure about submitting your proposal, have a read through this article on "How to write a compelling proposal". The main website is a great resource itself, I recommend having a wee bit of an explore around the site.

Upcoming events

Here's some upcoming events that missed the newsletter, if you have a tech-related event(s) to share with us, please add it in the comments section below.

Xcake! Mobile app development with an Appley flavour: The Great Sticker Pack Rush

Irish Network Operators Group

Functional Kats { Cork } Launch!

At Scale in Production - Workday Insights

Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community

GDG Dublin - Progressive Web App, hands-on (bring your laptop)

Dublin Java User Group


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