Kats Conf 2

Related event: Kats Conf 2 (Sat 18 Feb 2017)

A big thanks to all the organisers of Kats Conf 2 this year. Did you know that proceeds from the conference is donated to Coding Grace to help us run more workshops and events. <3 the community.

Kats Conf 2 itself was a blast and so many amazing speakers. It was my first multi-language conference and it was certainly very refreshing to the mono-language conferences I've attended in the past.

The Allyship workshop went really well, majority never attended anything like this before and having a safe environment to discuss various scenarios and learn from people's experiences was an amazing experience. We will certainly run another one again.

From the conference itself, I've pulled together tweets from the day, you can check it storified here.

Hope there's another one next year, even though Functional Kats is now gone, it's now replaced by Functional Kubs. My next port of call is Joy of Coding.


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