Learn Python by making a text-based adventure game write-up (22nd July)

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Thanks to everyone who came along. A big thanks to Adverts.ie for hosting and for Ursula and Mick for helping out.

We had a projector this time (thanks, Ursula). First thing first (after shuffling around furnishings to have people set up so they can see the projection), make sure everyone is set up and have the Python files we will be stepping through during the workshop. We've learnt that it would be easier for everyone to have PyCharm IDE installed, Sublime Editor is nice, but a little figety to set up.

You can download the Python workshop files here.

We first went through the QuickStart Guide to CLI and Python to get people comfortable in command line and running Python via the console.

XKCD - Python

We also mentioned some style guidelines like 4 spaces when indenting. Check out PEP-8 for more information on Python programming style guidelines.

After the quickstart we went through the Python scripts, which are over-commented, but useful guide as we built up the text-based game from starting off asking your name to bringing the player through options of picking doors to unknown rooms and encountering things dead or alive. Concepts like writing functions, declaring variables, if, for and while loops are introduced as well as some basic data types (numbers, strings, lists and booleans).

If people have questions with anything in relation to the workshop and its content, you can join the Coding Grace forum and we (as well as others on the forum) would be happy to help.

If you have a workshop that you want us to run, please email contact@codinggrace.com.

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