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As well as listings of various tech events that are happening around the country, if I'm missing any events, please share in our comments.

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With Internationals Women's Day (March 8th) just gone, there's still plenty more diversity-friendly in tech events happening this month. Ah sure, let's make it International Women's Day Month!!! :-)

I'll be at Career Zoo tomorrow and I'm so happy to work on the Allies workshops which is free for Career Zoo attendees, we have:-

  • Networking for your Career
  • Unconscious Bias by NWCI
  • Imposter Syndrome by Pauline Sargent, Digiwomen

There's Overcoming Barriers for Women in STEM diversity panel, and I am looking forward to Intertech Ireland who'll talking about diversity in the workplace entitled "Diversity is Dead" with Laura Harmon (NWCI). Here's the description of the panel:

How can corporations overcome the challenge of adopting diversity as a core value – as opposed to a buzzword? Does business have a responsibility to create initiatives internally to make its more diverse employees feel more comfortable? Are such initiatives (where they exist at all) ever anything more than lip service?

Join another lively discussion with InterTech Ireland – Ireland’s diversity forum for tech.

Diversity in tech events

Here's a run down and updated list of diversity-friendly events:

Other tech events


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