Packed house for Ruby Beginners evening workshop

Related event: Introduction to Ruby Workshop (Wed 19 Feb 2014)

It was certainly full of people who are dipping their toes into Ruby. After a quick introduction about Coding Grace and the person the organisation is named after, Grace Hopper, we went straight into writing their first Ruby script.

After some initial setups and wee setbacks from the local Wi-Fi (or lack of), everyone was set up with Ruby set up and exercise files to work on afterwards.

There workshop went pretty swiftly covering numbers, text, variables, Booleans, flow control, arrays, hashes to writing one’s own Ruby piece of code and experimenting by running it.

After running through the slides with everyone trying out scripts in their irb, people grouped up to go through exercises together.

Ruby workshop setup and exercise files:

A few things that I noted from the workshop from questions asked:

Also how we refer to symbols used in Ruby (and most coding languages)

  • [ or ] - Square brackets
  • ( or ) - Parenthesis 
  • { or } - Curly brackets or braces
  • ! - Not

Basic command lines:

  • ls (Linux) or dir (for windows)- List contents in the directory  
  • cd name_of_dir - Change directory to name_of_dir

Here’s a handy cheatsheet for *nix commands when you use command line in your chosen terminal/console.

If you want to attempt the exercises and lost the files, you can find them here:

Here are some upcoming workshops and events:

I would like to thank the mentors, Elaine, Shane, Andrei and Shane (and Mick) for come along to run the workshop.

A big thanks to Pulse College for hosting our workshop.

And one final big thank you to all those who came along on Wednesday evening, please let me know if you want an advanced Ruby workshop, or a Ruby on Rails workshop, etc.

I’ve storified the day as well.


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