Pi-tastic day @ Facebook Dublin

Related event: Introduction to Raspberry Pi Workshop (Sat 18 Jan 2014)

Thanks to everyone who made this workshop possible!

It was a very early morning start for everyone especially the staff at Facebook and the mentors.

I can say the food was delish and nice touches with the Raspberry-themed smoothies and desserts (shout out to Urban Kitchen)

The workshop started with me welcoming everyone and thanking our sponsors Facebook Dublin (host, food and equipment), Python Ireland (our partner) and Fieldaware (20-port switch).

Aisling introduced the Raspberry Pi (slides) followed by Linux Basics by Jimmy while everyone kicked off their Noobs installation on their Raspberry Pis.

Mick and Jimmy demod their own Pis with projects they have prepared earlier while N00bs was busy installing.

Once Noobs was installed, everyone settled down to set up their Pis and started to work on the various projects prepared by the mentors with the mentors on hand to help people out if they had questions.

The morning and early afternoon pretty much flew with people working on various projects, sharing hardware (webcam, speakers, game controllers), playing games, and also with Mick stationed with his Pis giving tutorials on GPIO and camera on his own Pis.

It was a sugar-filled and Raspberry Pi-delic day and big thanks to everyone who came along and made it so much fun and possible.

We will have another Raspberry Pi workshop, so if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter, please do do via codinggrace.com. You can join the mailing list as well and chat with one another, ask questions, propose more ideas or requests for workshops.

Here it is storified:-


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