#weAREhere Careers in Tech

Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Dublin
Tue, 21st Mar 2017 18:00 till 20:00

3 weeks, 6 days left to reserve your place.

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Our Panelists:

  • Christina Lynch (Moderator)
  • Sorcha Bowler (Software engineer, Betbright)
  • Sarah Doran (Software Development Manager, Travelport Digital)
  • Ingrid Empure (Software engineer, Intercom)

Running Order

  • 18:00 - 18:45 -- Food & Drinks reception before the panel
  • 18:45 - 19:15 -- Panel
  • 19:15 - 20:00 -- Q&A (45 minutes)
  • 20:00 -- Onwards O'Neill's Pub (Pearse St) afterwards for a drink and and continue with your conversation from the event.

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Science Gallery for Hosting

The Science Gallery is a world first. A new type of venue where today's white-hot scientific issues are thrashed out and you can have your say. A place where ideas meet and opinions collide.


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A lot of our events are female-friendly events, we have enquiries asking if guys are welcome as well?

YES. You are welcome. Events we run or partner in are diversity friendly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

About our Speakers

Christina Lynch / @xtinalynch

Christina currently works as a Technical Support Engineer in Microsoft Ireland. Christina is the organiser of Ireland Girl Geek Dinners. Girl Geek Dinners is an informal organization that promotes the presence of women in the Information technology industry.

Sorcha Bowler / @saoili

Sorcha wrote her first program in BASIC around the age of eight. Her father and all three of her older siblings are coders, so it made sense to her to do the same. She wrote a little Logo in school, but otherwise didn't get to do much more coding before she studied computer science in college, writing C++ and Java mostly. After college she got a QA job where she was told she'd be able to move into a programming job, but that never happened. She left after a year and spent nearly a decade in a service and support role. In her last couple of years there she was doing a job that involved suggesting improvements to customer code. Thus realising that she missed writing code, and on her excellent brother in law's advice, she taught herself Python. She fell in love with its simplicity and grace and lost the ability to write pysdo-code, as it now just comes out as Python when she tries. She got involved in Coding Grace, mentoring beginner programmers. After she interviewed in several different companies, learning something each time, the good people at Betbright gave her a chance and hired her. She's been working there as a developer for over three years now and is still delighted with herself.

Sarah Doran / @sarahd0ran

Software Development Manager at Travelport Digital with 12 years experience. Ask me about Java, Web and Mobile development, Tech lead and Development manager roles. Outside of work you'll find me organising Coderdojo Coolest Projects and helping with CoderDojoGirls events.

Fun fact: I once jumped out of a helicopter at 12,000ft

Ingrid Empure / @ingridepure

Bio coming soon

About weAREhere

weAREhere are a collective of diversity-friendly groups that gather for events every year.

For this event, the following groups are involved:

If your diversity in tech group wishes be involved, drop us an email at [email protected].

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You can contact weAREhere by emailing [email protected].

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Christina Lynch http://ie.linkedin.com/pub/christina-lynch/1b/ab2/b68

Organiser of Girl Geek Dinners Ireland.

Ingrid Epure

Sarah Doran https://twitter.com/sarahd0ran

Sorcha Bowler https://twitter.com/saoili


weAREhere || [email protected]

About Coding Grace

Coding Grace are a group of developers based in Ireland who love to code and do other geeky and not necessarily crafty activities. Some of us code full-time, or just for fun (or both). We have people who are part of other technical user groups such as Dublin ALT.NET, GameCraft, Python Ireland, Ruby Ireland and more…
We provide female-friendly workshops and events in an environment for developers and aspiring developers mentored by majority female instructors.
We aim to provide a support network for people from all backgrounds and hope our outreach will help bring those who are interested in code development together and learn from one another.