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Who are the peeps behind Coding Grace?

👩‍💻🧑‍💻👨‍💻 Coding Grace are a group of developers based in Ireland who love to code, do other geeky and crafty activities. Some of us code full-time, or just for fun (or both). We have people who are part of other technical user groups such as PyLadies Dublin, Women Who Code Dublin, and more.

🌈 We provide diversity-friendly workshops and events in an environment for developers and aspiring developers mentored by diverse instructors from the industry.

🥰 We try to ensure our events are diverse, and encourage under-represented folks who want to mentor and facilitate these technical sessions to help out, it's not that scary after all!

🤔 It doesn’t matter if you are learning or mentoring, gaining confidence to ask questions, helping others, which results in everyone learning from each other gives females in this field the encouragement to further their careers, attend technical conferences, or even give a technical talk at one.

❤️ We aim to provide a support network for people from all backgrounds and hope our outreach will help bring those who are interested in code development together and learn from one another.

We are also a not-for-profit organisation

🏢 We are a registered company limited by gaurantee (CLG), Coding Grace Foundation CLG. We are a not for profit company, none of the directors and members of Coding Grace Foundation CLG receive any shares. Any contributions through donations, events, etc. goes back into the adminstration of the company, e.g. the accountant and bank fees.

ℹ️ Our company number is: 568940

🤲 If you are interested in supporting us, more info in "How you can get involved"

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Why get involved?
  • 🌈 Administration, mentoring and promoting our activities as well as newsletter and live blog of events are all done voluntarily as we are a not-for-profit.
  • 🧾 As we are a registered company, we still have to pay fees like business bank charges and accountant's fees (they do the books for our financial year end and handle any other revenue-related enquiries). The latter is not cheap.
  • 🤲 By supporting us, we can also support other local tech community groups, especially those who don't have a bank account.
How to get involved?

You can:-

  • Volunteer Mentoring
  • Advisor to help us figure out how to help the community (and maybe solve all of the world's problems!)
  • Facilitate or host Workshops/Events
  • Form a new local Coding Grace chapter in your local area.
  • Join our board of directors representing your area of expertise or area and help make a change. You have to be active and ready to roll up your sleeves. Be warned that there will be paperwork to be completed, signatures, etc. and will be dealt with by our accountant.
  • Are you an existing group? We are open to collaboration as well? Drop us a line and let's chat!
  • If you feel you still like to contribute but any of the above doesn't suit, you can do so via Open Collective or Github Sponsors. (See below for more info)
  • If you are a company, drop us a line and have a chat on how your company can contribute to Coding Grace Foundation.

There are 2 ways you can contribute to Coding Grace Foundation which can help alleviate expenses from accounting and bank charges.

1. Open Collective

A great service to help communities like ours to accept contributions transparently. Here's a hu-uge ❤️ to our Open Collective supporters below.

2. Github Sponsors

This one is relatively new and we only found out about it after Open Collective. If you want to sponsor us via github, click on the button below.


❤️ Our Supporters ❤️

This is a hu-ge thank you and hugs to all our supporters so far. Shout out to all who took time to meet me over tea/coffee and gave us advice, to all who volunteered their time to help us organise, mentor and support us in the various events.

The Coding Grace Team


❤️ A huge shoutout to all the following people who took the time to give us advice and to talk to.

  • Alexandra Etienne

    Global Community Engagement Manager at Dropbox
  • Andreea Wade

    Portfolio Director, AI/ML at iCIMS / Co Founder & CEO at
  • Cian O'Cuilleanain

    MD, Baily Labs
  • Eamon Leonard

  • Edel Flynn

    Director and Co-Founder at Element78Space
  • Joanne Dolan

    Co-Founder at Teen-Turn
  • Julie Pichon

    Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
  • Martha Rotter

    Senior Software Engineer, Patreon
  • Mary Carty

    Director, Board of Directors, Science Gallery International / Was Executive Director Blackstone LaunchPad, Co-founder Outbox Incubator
  • Mary Dunphy

    Senior Managing Director, Teneo / Was Global CEO CoderDojo Foundation
  • Niambh Scullion

    Scrum Product Owner Social Program Management Platform, IBM / Co-Founder at Teen-Turn / Was Mentor at CoderDojoGirls@DCU
  • Padraig O'Brien

    Software Engineer at
  • Patrick Walsh

    CEO, Dogpatch Labs
  • Paul Hayes

    CEO at Beachhut PR
  • Pauline Sargent

    Associate Network Coordinator, Irish Management Institute
  • Rose Farrell

    Senior Recruiter | Career Cicerone | Digital Stalker | Cat Herder at nineDots
  • Tony Kelly


🌈 These are 22 amazing people/orgs who helped organise and are the main facilitators of Coding Grace events and workshops.


🌈 Our workshops wouldn't be able to run without all 87 of these amazing volunteers.
Interested in mentoring at one of our workshops? You can apply here.
✉️ Enquiries:

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