Another Intro to HTML/CSS, and Python Workshop completed

👉 Related to event: Part 2 of Introduction to Python Workshop

Two workshops in two weeks! It has been busy with Coding Grace & Co.

First off is the HTML/CSS workshop in partnership with AIB. A big shout out to the staff who helped make it happen and helped out during the biggest and busiest week that is Web Summit. With a full house, we proceeded with the workshop with lots of enthusiasm from both participants and mentors. We didn't get a chance to tweet much as we spent most our time working on the exercises. 


(Photo: Courtesy of AIB)

Thanks to Caitriona who skipped out of Joel Spolsky's talk across the road to come along to help us out. :-D

Rest of mentors was Ursula, Mick and AIB staff.

Second workshop was at Engine Yard (big thanks for hosting again), and to Propylon for sponsoring the tables and chairs.

A big thanks all round to all who came along to learn and help out, without your support, these workshops wouldn't exist. (SorchaMick, Kingsley, and of course, Conor from Engine Yard) 


(Photo: Coding Grace. Thanks to Conor for taking our photo)

Our next upcoming workshop before Christmas is Introduction to Unity mentored by Owen Harris (bitSmith Games). 

When: Monday, 25th November (10:30 - 15:30)
Where: Science Gallery

There are still places available, sign up at:

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