Autumn is going to get pretty exciting

There's a few things happening the next month or two, and they are all pretty exciting.

We will be partnering with CoderDojoGirls, Girls Hack Ireland to run an exciting coding event at DCU Innovation Campus on Saturday, October 10th.


What's cool it's part of two major celebrations

I'll also be at the upcoming Career Zoo and the event has a big focus on Women in Tech, there's a series of workshops as part of the MiNT initative.


You can read more about it via this article by one of the co-founders, James Milligan. The other co-founder is Susan Hogan.

If you are looking for me at Career Zoo, I'll be hanging around the Python Ireland booth. A little reminder that the Financial Aid for PyCon Ireland 2015 has been extended as they are still accepting applications. To apply, go to

And yep... our September newsletter was released pretty much on time this month, read September newsletter at your leisure. You will find other events listed in it, and if you want to share events not on the list, please add to comment section below.

If you want me to include something in the next newsletter, let me know via

Some events that missed out in the newsletter

Ruby Ireland: Crypto on the Canal

Java 8 Meetup:

Ireland Girl Geek Dinner

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Pythonista, but normally found organising various tech events, and now heavily involved in diversity initiatives like Coding Grace, PyLadies Dublin, and Women in Technology and Science (WITS Ireland).

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