Coding Grace Allyship Workshop @ Kats Conf 2 Write-up

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We were really happy to have Kats Conf 2 supporting our workshop by including it in their workshop programme and to Workday for hosting and providing refreshments that evening.

Following are the slides which has been adapted from Ada Initiative's Allyship skills workshop, which is free for people to use. If you are thinking of running a workshop, please check out the content there.

I want to highlight what being an ally is about and why it would be good to be aware of certain situations if they arise and how to react.

This is from the worksheet taken from our previous allyship workshop:

Often, when a sexist incident happens, we are so busy being shocked and amazed that we can’t quickly react. Other times we have plenty of time to react but can’t figure out what to do, or we do something but it turns out to be more harmful than helpful. This is true even for people who have a lot of experience and education in supporting women in their communities.

The solution is education and practice. By discussing theoretical scenarios and coming up with answers in a friendly environment, we have a better chance at responding in the real world. In the workshop section of this event, facilitators will lead participants in group discussions about creating a friendly environment for all, responding to casual sexism, opposing advocacy of sexism, reacting to harassment of people, influencing organisations, and continuing their education after the class.


We have 8 scenarios that was discussed that evening. I won't share what was discussed as it was private, but I want to share with you the scenarios and what is your initial reaction if you encounter any of the following?

There's also recommended reading material from our previous workshop with Etsy, if you have more to add, please share in the comments below (thanks in advance):

Thank you

Thank you to all those who came along a participated, and to the facilitators who lead each discussion group, it has been an eye-opener and we learnt a lot from one another. If you are interested in having Coding Grace run another Allyship Skills Workshop, drop us an email via contact@codinggrace.

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