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Following are more announcements and reminders and I'll try and update if anything else pop up for this month.


NI Female Founders Grant 2021

📢 TechStart and Women in Business launch grant competition for NI-based female founders

A new funding opportunity aiming to support female founders in Northern Ireland with their innovative business ideas has just been launched by Techstart Ventures and Women in Business.

Coding Grace Workshop

Diversity-Friendly Workshop for Non-Tech Founders

Over 2 days, we will be running 2 hour long workshops each session covering the fundementals of tech.


Python Ireland - Speakers Coaching Session

We will help you deliver your talk in a non judgemental, friendly environment. If you're happy with it we will publish it on our Youtube channel, but you will decide if you want this to happen.

Irish Tech and Diversity in Tech Events around Ireland

Don't forget that we curate a list of events and if we missed out any, please let us know.

Other orgs that need your support

Women in AI - WAI@WORK survey

You said you wanted to be a part of a more diverse work culture?🧐 This could be your chance to bring change! ✔️✔️ WAI and AI Sweden are launching a survey to find out what women in AI want from their workplace with our WAI@WORK survey.

Enough Already: Break the Cycles of Abuse in Gaming (Feminist Frequency)

Every time a news story breaks about toxicity and abuse at a high-profile game company, or harassment by someone in a position of power, we see an uptick in calls to the Games and Online Harassment Hotline. Statements and promises are always made, but like clockwork, wait six months and the same problem resurfaces.


Have you decorated for the Holiday Season yet?


From me and the rest Coding Grace Foundation team, we wish you Seasons' Greetings and a Happy New Year.

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