Coding Grace Python Workshop - Saturday

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It was a mixed bag outside where it's sunny one minute and hailing the next, but one thing is for sure, we had a class full of enthusiastic workshoppers who can't wait to learn about Python.

After handing out stickers and announcement of 5 private repositories  for participants for 1 year (thanks github), we got straight into making sure everyone is settled in and that they are set up for the upcoming lectures.

Rigel began by going through Saturday's lecture notes.

Lunch time came along at 12pm with some nice sandwiches from Sweet Cicely. Food & drink was kindly sponsored by Engine Yard and Propylon.

After lunch, it was lightning talks on various topics

Here are several links for reference:

After the lightning talks, I finished the rest of the Python lecture and wrapped up by going through one of the examples from ColorWall. We didn't have enough time to go through Wordplay or Twitter.

The long day was coming to a close, I'm sure there was information overload for those taking part in the workshop, I was really tired by this stage (as was everyone including the volunteers) and with help of Rigel and Mick's prompting I was able to continue on after my little hamster in my brain refused to work when I started the lecture; tiredness or stage fright (or both). It was my first time and I actually enjoyed it given the circumstances. And Mick did make a nice assistant pointing at the whiteboard for me during Colorwall. :-)

Wrap-up slides:

A big shout out:-

And finally... a huge thanks to all the volunteers and all the participants for making it happen. /whoop whoop image

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