Data viz - graphs, colours, action!

Data Visualisation Workshop

A big thanks to everyone who came to the workshop, our mentors, Suzanne, Naoimi and Kevin, and Dogpatch Labs for hosting our workshop.

Overview of Visualization with Suzanne

We started off with overview of Visualization by Suzanne Little.

ggplot with Kevin

Tip: install ggplot before you open Anaconda.

Data Viz Workshop- Installing ggplot

Data Viz Workshop - Checking is ggplot is working

To see if it works after it's installed, while you are still in the Terminal:

Next to open up Anaconda's Launcher. Maybe for Mac instructions can be a bit clearer, they should just say hit "command, then space bar" and type in "Launcher" and hit Return to launch the app.

Data Viz - Creating a new notebook in Jupyter

Note: If you want to run it in Python 3 instead of Python 2, follow instructions via

Data Viz - Make sure ggplt works in Jupyter

Now check if ggplot works on Juptyer.

You can follow the content via, go to Coding Grace Workshop February 2016 Slides. There will be differences between Python 2 and 3, and if you find errors, let us know via comments below. One main thing, use ggplot instead of ggplot2 if you are using Python 3.

Tableau with Naoimi

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