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[EDIT] Forgot to mention that there's a Dublin JS meetup on May 5th @ Intercom. Details at: https://www.meetup.com/DublinJS/events/220989428/

Big thanks to everyone who came along, our mentors (David, Brian, Blain, Pat and Mick), and to Zendesk for hosting our workshop. I want to also shout out a special thanks to Dean McDonnell who donated two Javascript workshop tickets which I forwarded on to An Cosán, a fantastic organisation who are helping so many people.

There was some setting up for this workshop, to re-cap:

(Note: If on a Mac, there might be a need to install XCode, this is a huge download. Once downloaded, you will need to run XCode once to get everything set up.)

To start running the workshop, go to your terminal, and type: javascripting.

A major feeback from folks was that they typed < and >, and it's causing errors. It is actually ( and ), the visually incorrect characters is due to the bad font in the console.

If you have questions or feedback, please leave in the comment below, or email contact@codinggrace.com.



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