Octobrrrr Newsletter is out!

Brr, it's October already and you know what that means... our latest newsletter is out along with events happening around Ireland. If I'm missing your event, please share via the comments below. You can also email me via contact@codinggrace.com.

Coding Grace Octobrr Newsletter

Octobrrrr Newsletter is out

Scarfs and winter jackers are out, which means yay to more indoor events.

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Here's moar events

October Xcake

Workshops at Career Zoo

Allies Workshops

Details: http://www.careerzoo.ie/allies-workshops.html

WITS Panel at Career Zoo

Bank of Ireland Workshops

Details: http://www.careerzoo.ie/boi-tech-workshops.html

Rust Dublin: Varnish structured logger in Rust

WITS Cork: Women in STEM Panel Discussion

Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community

#MLDublin meets Brite:Bill

Functional Kats: October meetup - Invited : Juan Manuel Serrano on Scala

WITS Galway - Speed Networking Event

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