Our longest HTML5/CSS3 class (split into three evenings, that is)

👉 Related to event: HTML5/CSS3 Class (Part 1 of 3)

A hu-uge thanks to everyone who signed up to our three-evening HTML5/CSS3 classes, DPP Skillnet who part-funded us to run it, our partners Graphic Design Dublin, and finally and not least our awesome mentors: Caitriona, Dara, Ellen, and Ursula.

I (Vicky), went through the basics of HTML and CSS like HTML structure, various ways of implementing CSS, CSS selectors, best practice (separate content from style), linking to stylesheet file.

Ellen lead the first part of the second session (Monday, 8th June) going through the box model, css properties (padding, border, margin, fonts, web fonts, background, color, rgba vs opacity). You can find code sample from this session here.

Caitriona went through the good and bad practices after the break as well as getting into what semantic HTML is. Also covered what browser CSS was with exercise for folks to normalise their own web page that they created by linking to normalize.css file they obtained from http://stephaniefrancis.github.io/codinggrace/.

Our third session we started with recaps like good practice when naming class selectors (i.e. what they do, not what they look like), order of some css properties, box model, etc. Also went to explain why how CSS works and its order.

She also went through live demo of using Chrome's debugging tools. Caitriona took over stepping through CSS layouts. The understanding of box model is quite important here. CSS floats live demo and you can find some code samples for this session here. CSS positioning wasn't really covered as time was running out (layouts should really be another workshop tbh :-)).

All exercises from all three sessions can be found at https://bitbucket.org/codinggrace/html5-css3-classes/src/master, you can find some cheatsheets there as well.

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