Vroom vroom with PyGame

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Great fun with our first PyGame workshop on Saturday. Here's my short write-up.

There was some setup initially but we started into the examples scripts to get people into PyGame basics straight away.

Everyone was happy to experiment and change the code and see what happens.

After lunch, we delved straight into the Pole Position code to make the track move, place the car and make it move. I've added a few things in the notes below on things encountered on the day.

We even did a refactor on the code with one person and she sent in the code to share with everyone, you can find it here: refactored pole position code

Overall, it was really good fun, with people getting hands on with the code, and just enjoyed playing with PyGame.


Thank yous

Big thanks to our mentors: Michael Connors (instructor), Ursula Clarke, Andrei Balcanasu and Mick Twomey.

Thanks again to our host, Adverts.ie.

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