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Thanks for your interest in our event on Tuesday night, and to everyone who came along, the #weAREhere organisers and Science Gallery for hosting. And of course, a huge thank you to the panellists who imparted great advice:-

Congratulations to VELDA CONATY for winning a free ticket to devitconf.org which will be held in Greece (Sat 20 - Sun 21 May), and huge thanks to Simona Cotin (who’s MC’ing at devit) for offering this opportunity.

A couple of reasons to go to devit:

Bonus: super friendly people, good weather in may, delicious food

Note: Yip, I wrote a quick Python script to pick a winner from the registered csv file. :-)

Notes from the panel discussions

I didn't take notes till half way through panel, if anyone else have notes to share, please do so in the comments, thanks in advance.

How can I suggest tech interviews to be conducted in a format I’m more comfortable in e.g. whiteboard, coding on laptop, etc.

What are the most important criteria in evaluating young candidates for a tech role in your company? What qualities do you consider essential to have in the long run?

Self taught v tech school

Some companies do look at formal third level educations and require 1.1, however, times are changing, job spec should be updated from option of years equiv experience to a degree.

How to break into the tech scene as a female developer with little coding experience.

Top Tips

Side-note: Imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome has been mentioned. Let us know if you want us to run a workshop on imposter syndrome.

I would recommend contacting Pauline Sargent (Digiwomen) who have a lot of experience with imposter syndrome workshops and discussion around this topic.

Here's a great video about imposter syndrome:

Upcoming events

And here’s more info on upcoming diversity-friendly tech events and references.


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