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I am delighted to be part of an upcoming event which is an unconference organised by seven outreach organisations for women in STEM called unFAIL. What's cool is we will be closing the Science Gallery's #FailBetter exhibition that weekend.

When: Saturday, 26 April 2014 from 10:00 to 16:00
Where: Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin 2
Price: EUR10.00

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Here's the full official release:

Explore learning through failure at unFail: an unconference organised by wearehere

Failing is part of the journey. Come to the #weAREhere unconference for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity. The theme of the day is unFAIL and marks the end of the #FailBetter exhibition in the Science Gallery. Everyone gets a chance to talk about failures they have experienced in work and business with fellow entreprenuers, tech developers, and digital marketers.

In true unconference style the speakers and sessions will be selected on the day using open space technology. You pick and choose the sessions/speakers that interest you the most. The sessions convened will range from the formal to the informal. The emphasis is on having fun and learning from each other.

Advice for everyone at an unconference… Go with the flow!




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About #weAREhere

What: Collaborative events within the space of tech, digital, science and entrepreneurship.

Why: Because we ARE here. Come meet us, learn what we do and how we can work together to better the spaces of tech, digital, science and entrepreneurship.

A little about the organisers

### Ireland Geek Girl Dinners   A community for women working, studying or interested in STEM subjects. We have bimonthly events where we have get together with interesting talks on a wide variety of topics from personal experiences, new technologies to learning new skills. Christina Lynch is the organiser of Girl Geek Dinners.


Women in Technology and Science (WITS)

An active forum for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Now in its 22nd year, WITS has a proven track record in delivering initiatives that improve the recruitment and retention of women in STEM roles. WITS is also a strong advocate for celebrating the past and current successes of women in STEM. WITS is proud to have Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland as Patron. The Chair is Sadhbh McCarthy.



A female friendly knowledge sharing event series particularly focused on tech and digital. Format: One theme every month (tech/business/social). One or two speakers. Questions from the audience. The concept was framed around asking questions, sharing knowledge and finding answers and possibly solutions before you walk out the door. Events held in the Science Gallery.  Andreea Wade is the founder and main organiser of AskATon. http://www.askaton.com/


DigiWomen is about making women leaders. We are a newly founded company that focuses on women, technology and entrepreneurship. Our core purpose is to increase the connection and collaboration amongst women working in or using technology for their business. DigiWomen is led by Pauline Sargent.


Coding Grace

They are a group of developers based in Ireland who love to code and do other geeky and not necessarily crafty activities. Some of us code full-time, or just for fun (or both). We have people who are part of other technical user groups such as Python Ireland, Ruby Ireland, Dublin ALT.NET, GameCraft, and more. We provide female-friendly workshops and events in an environment for developers and aspiring developers mentored by majority female instructors. Vicky Lee is the co-founder and main organiser of Coding Grace workshops.


PyLadies Dublin

They are first Irish chapter of PyLadies, we are a group of women developers who love the Python programming language. We write code by day or night. Some of us hack on Python projects on the side, while others work full-time on Python development. But it doesn't matter. We all just like writing Python code, and that's what brings us together. Vicky Lee is the founder and organiser of PyLadiesDublin.



They are a a free weekly girl friendly CoderDojo hosted at CoderDojoDCU since April 2013. They teach girls aged 8-18 how to create fun games and websites while tailoring the content to girls’ interests. The sessions are organised by Sarah Doran & Niambh Scullionand mentored by a fantastic team of volunteers. Tickets are available weekly from http://coderdojogirls.eventbrite.com.


The Twitter hashtag for the event is: #weAREhere.

About Author

Vicky Twomey-Lee

Pythonista, but normally found organising various tech events, and now heavily involved in diversity initiatives like Coding Grace, PyLadies Dublin, and Women in Technology and Science (WITS Ireland).
👉 http://about.me/whykay

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