📢 Welcome to our new site

A new site (NetlifyCMS with 11ty & TailwindCSS, if you are curious 😉) will be cleaner and still show you info about our events, news and more. Bear with us as we work on adding more details to the re-vamped site. We will archive the previous site along with info on our past events and blogs posts, and you can still find it at codinggrace.com.

📢 We also have a big announcement to make!

GameCraft has joined Coding Grace Foundation family. GameCraft has been running community in-person game jams since 2012, and was co-founded by Andrea Magnorsky, and Vicky Twomey-Lee. Previous directors and committee members were Aphra Kerr, Andrew O Connor, Bryan Duggan, Darren Kearney, David McCabe, Michael Twomey, Naoise Collins, and Siobhan Schnittger.

GameCraft has partnered with Coding Grace on game-related events in the past such as the Diversity in Games projects called NetworkInPlay: Crafting Diversity in Games in 2016 and 2018.

Here's the official statement:

Coding Grace Foundation welcomes GameCraft, who has been running in-person community game jams since 2012, as part of the Coding Grace organisation.

Coding Grace Foundation will be looking after the adminstration when it comes to GameCraft finances, the day-to-day functions, organisation, running, hosting events and other games-related collaborations will remain with GameCraft.

We look forward to many game-related community events and their support of local games communities running their own events.

— Vicky Twomey-Lee (Co-Founder), Michael Twomey (Director), Andrea Magnorsky (Director)

Coding Grace Team

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