Data Analysis with Python workshop at Insight (DCU)

Related event: Data Analysis with Python (Sat 08 Aug 2015)

It was a great turn out for the workshop, and surprisingly even with the sunny weather.

Insight (DCU)

Big thank you to Insight Centre Data for Analytics (DCU) for hosting and providing delicious food from The Washer Woman. A lot of the tweets here are from Laura, so thanks for tweeting about the day.

Following my introduction, Kevin took over and made sure people are all set up. We pointed people to go to and since folks didn't have problems with installing Anaconda, folks went straight into section 1) Using IPython / Jupyter Notebooks. People learnt how to set up their enviroment, and where to get datasets and load it into Jupyter followed by demos on some of the tools and coding conventions used to analyse the data. Kevin mentioned the PIMA Indians Diabetes data as well (via "Getting data" in the menu of for people to use and try some of the functionality shown earlier.

Data Anaylsis with Python Workshop @ Insight (DCU)

And here's the fare for lunchtime!

After the yummy lunch, folks continued with content from 1) Using IPython / Jupyter Notebooks.

Data Anaylsis with Python Workshop @ Insight (DCU)

I've also storified the day from all the nice tweets from folks, thanks to all who tweeted and took pictures.

If you have pictures and you are on Flickr, you can share your pictures with the Coding Grace photo pool:

Useful references


Python-related events

Python Ireland August Meetup

  • Wed Aug 12 @ Dogpatch Labs, CHQ, Dublin
  • Two talks
    • Talk 1 - Python for Data Science at Pivotal
    • Talk 2 - An actual, real-life, open data project using government (dirty) data and Python to clean-rinse-repeat the data

PyLadies Dublin

PyCon Ireland @ Radisson Blu Hotel

  • Conference - Oct 24-25
    • Student: €40 / Normal: €70 / Corporate: €250
  • Sprints - Oct 26 (FREE, all are welcome, bring laptop)
  • Financial Aid application still open, deadline August 31st.
  • See for details.

Female-Friendly event

Ireland Girl Geek Dinners

And finally...

A big thanks to mentors (Kevin, Suzanne, Eva, Joseph, Laura, and Giulia) who helped including Niamh Scullion and Michael Twomey who were there last minute.

And a huge thank you to everyone who came to the workshop and for all your support.

Here's a cheesey pic of some of the mentors and attendees (we missed getting the whole workshop in a picture):


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